The AxSys 1.0 Guitar Stand and Chair

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Finally, a guitar stand that converts to a comfortable guitar chair!

Guitar stand and chair both as stand and seatGuitar stand converted to chair with playerAfter many rehearsals and practices struggling to find places to sit, we usually ended up using our amplifiers as a resting spot. Sure we could have brought a stool or a folding chair, but one more thing to haul around? What if the guitar stand could do more than hold a guitar? It made sense, but to accomplish something that would be stable, portable, and provide easy access to controls and effect pedals proved to be difficult. With a slew of drawings and prototypes the answer came in the form of the AxSys 1.0.


Guitar stand and chair folded for travel

The AxSys 1.0 folded and ready for next gig!

The patented design features a “gripper” seat cover pulling double duty along with the seat to help stabilize the guitar and provide a comfortable position to perform. A quick-release lock makes the transition from seat to stand and back again easy with one hand while your other is holding the guitar. The AxSys 1.0 guitar stand and chair folds easy to carry away with a built-in handle.


Guitar stand and chair with Vox guitarSpecifications:

  • Heavy-duty 1 ½” aluminum tubing
  • 2” high-density foam seat
  • “Gripper” seat stabilizes guitar
  • Quick-release steel lock
  • Rawhide leather support pads
  • Seat height 18 ½”
  • Weight 12 pounds
  • Made in the USA