A Simple Way to Help Your Local Music

Save $$$ and Support your Local Music by Seeing a Major Artist

Something dawned on me recently while purchasing tickets for the upcoming Orianthi show at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, CA.

Having performed in opening acts and having many friends open for headlining acts, we are all faced with the same dilemma. That is to sell, sell, sell tickets. Where do these tickets come from? In many cases, the musicians have to commit to purchasing hundreds of tickets up front.

Concert tixNow, we can debate whether or not that this is a fair practice used by many venues and promoters these days, but the fact of the matter is that this way of doing business is here for now and we must cope.

It can be a major drag for many people though. Hitting up all your friends, family, and neighbors to buy your tickets when you know most are doing it out of obligation. Everybody gets a share in the guilt too, from the band members, to the people who have to say, “No, they can’t make it this time.” Oh sure, if you have a large enough fan base, it wouldn’t be a problem, but then if that were the case, you would probably be or should be, the headliner.

I for one, am going to change how I do things and let as many people know how they can help as well.

Just before I purchased my tickets for the aforementioned show on the promoter’s website, I wondered who the opening acts were. Turns out, as almost always, a couple of local bands were opening the night. In this case, neither of them I have seen before, Pet Shark from Orange County and Rhythm and the Method from San Diego. So I checked them out to see what kind of music I was in for and there it was, Pet Shark had tickets available conveniently on their home page.


Right then the light bulb went off! Why not buy the tickets from the opening acts instead of the venue or a ticket service? It doesn’t even matter whether or not I enjoy the music from the particular band (in this case I do, judging from their website), since music and entertainment is up to an individual’s discretion. The cool thing is that I’d be helping a local band and I don’t even know them. Plus, I may even get the tickets discounted!

It’s a win-win!

There are many ways to support our local musicians, this is just one more easy way everyone can help. A practice everyone should embrace and spread the word. There may be times when you still have to go the promoter route, but from now on, I will always try and contact the opening musician or band to see if I can purchase tickets directly through them.